Aliens Attack

We’ve all heard stories about evil aliens planning to capture our planet. In this game our cozy green and blue globe called Earth is suffering an alien invasion. And you have to protect your home planet from this disaster! Luckily, you have a special weapon at your disposal that can help you deal with the aggressive extraterrestrials – actually, a whole arsenal of them. So set off to fight for the future of the entire mankind and don’t let our species down!

Battles with aliens

The main theme of the game is the protagonist’s battle with aliens. He used to be an ordinary guy until a space monster invasion started and now he has to fight these monsters on his own. He’s got a machine gun and an endless grudge against the monsters that have come to our world. Help him defeat the aliens and restore peace and life to the planet. To do so, you must destroy all the monsters that will appear on the screen time and time again. Aliens will move on you in waves. You need to shoot and kill them. But the aliens have guns too and will shoot back. If one bullet hits you, nothing bad will happen, but if several do, your health level will drop and you may even die.


There are also bonuses in the game. These are different things you may need while fighting monsters. Each item has a different effect that depends on it. For example, a first aid kit will increase your health, while a set of ammo will make your hits more lethal. Collect these power-ups to make your fighter even stronger and more agile. If the aliens get too close to you, you will lose the battle. If this is the case, the game will need to be replayed from the beginning. In this case, your progress will be totally canceled.

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