Flying Motorbike Real Simulator

You are an ordinary biker with an unusual motorcycle. It has wings and can fly. You can pick up anything you want to ride on the ground or in the air. Moving in the air will allow you not only to observe the town, but also to perform various stunts. Perform various stunts and tasks to get rewards for your bike. You can just ride around the town and admire the views. In addition, you can work as a taxi driver but with a bike instead of a car. Control the game by using the buttons on the keyboard.

Different types of transport

You will find several types of motorbikes in the game, but only one will be available to you at first. All the others have a price in coins and you can only buy them if you have collected a certain amount of coins. Each motorbike has its own characteristics – steering, engine, and speed. For example, one can go faster, but it has a weaker engine. The other has a good engine but little speed. Each type of motorbike is suitable for one mission or another. Additionally, every bike has personal colour but it doesn’t influence the game.


When the game begins, you can learn some rules and algorithms of how you can ride a bike. You can ride it on the ground or try to fly. It may take some time to use the mechanics. You will also start getting different missions. For example, you will need to find a girl in town, put her on a motorbike and take her to her destination. To avoid getting lost in the city, you can navigate using the mini-map at the bottom of the screen. You can also collect money bonuses in the air. Don’t forget to fill up your bike, as the fuel level will drop over time. In that case, it won’t be able to fly. Try to find the gas station and get the fuel.

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