Garry’s Mod 2

If you have always craved to try some game that will not limit you to something, then this game is for you. The obvious pluses are the complete freedom of player action. You are not limited in anything – neither in the choice of characters nor in what you can do with them. That is, you can add any character from any game, change his pose, or facial expression, make him show a gesture, or move in any way. There are a lot of add-ons in the game, that widen your infinity possibilities. You can also take characters from two various games and make them interact with each other. And you can do it not only with characters – but you can also add items and connect them together. They don’t lose their functionality, they can still be used for something.

Completely realistic

The second important plus is the choice of physics. You can make it completely realistic, to create content and videos. Or you can add something unusual to it, like making your character fly or raise a house. There are no limitations in the game. The laws of physics do not apply to it. Also, you can change the parameters of certain objects – make them larger or smaller, change their color or shape. This will not affect the functionality of the game. You can do it alone or with your friends – there are a lot of servers with players from other countries. Also, the game is good for making up your own author’s content with characters from different games or for creating your own personal story and characters.

Game for all

In addition to the fact that there are no rules, here one will not find any goal or quest. All quests the player comes up with his own. For example, place the characters in some funny poses and take pictures. Or make them dance to silly music and make a video. You can also shoot at the non-player characters or throw some objects at them. You can do it all aimlessly, for fun, or you can aim to kill as many characters as possible. The game has a huge catalog of different objects, characters, houses, and weapons. You can, for example, give a clown a gun or a robot from the future a balloon. In this way, the game lets you to combine things that normally can not be combined. There are really a lot of additions to the game, so everyone can choose what he likes.

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