Garry’s Mod FNaF

Surely many people have played the game where sinister robots in a night cafe hunt for a poor customer who has not managed to leave the establishment before it closes. He has a chance to get out, but often the game ends sadly. So in this game, which we will tell you about, you can take revenge on them for your character. First of all, this game is a sandbox, which means that here the player can do whatever he wants. You can break the laws of physics, and interact with the objects in any way and manner. You can also add characters from different games, but today we are only interested in the characters of the particular game.

Five Nights at Freddys

So, you have chosen whom you want to add to the game. Here you will find a huge catalog of all sorts of characters, among which are antagonists. They can be added separately, or you can try to combine them into one character and see what happens. Once you have chosen the right character, place him somewhere in the space. After that, you need to use another tool that interacts directly with the appearance. You can remove his eyes or mouth, and lengthen or shorten his limbs. You can change the color, the shape of the body, and the size. You have huge possibilities in this game and the only limitation is your imagination. In addition, you can give them different objects, such as a chainsaw or a gun. Or you can start shooting the characters with a cannon. This will not cause them any serious damage, because here they have no health or strength to fight back. In fact, they are puppets, to which you can change the expression, pose or even make them move in a certain way. You can also videotape the result and distribute it later. Or you can make do with simple photos.

Take care

You can build buildings and just lock your character in a cage for revenge. One of the obvious pluses of the game is that there are no tasks or missions. You’re free to make up your own missions and try to complete them – throw your character off the roof of a high-rise you’ve built or throw it far over the horizon. The game has multiplayer, which makes it available to play with a large number of players at a distance. You can call your friends to join and to play with you as it will bring more fun.

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