Garry’s Mod

This game is a sandbox game where the player can do absolutely anything. It is based on the famous shooter. When the user first enters the game it greets them with landscapes of fields and green skies. This is the standard location where the player has to create his world. First of all, it is necessary to become familiar with the items that are in the game. By default, these are different structures and weapons from the shooter, which can be placed where and how you want. The player has two basic cannons. The first allows placing an item anywhere. It has a scope and if the player points it far away, the item is teleported far away. If closer, then the item will be placed close. The second gun, on the other hand, allows changing the shape of objects, their physical qualities, and characteristics. One can change the color and size, and it will not affect the game and cause corruption.

Rush all weapons

No less interesting is the ability to interact with objects directly, namely to shoot them in the air. Moreover, the player can intercept the object in the air and direct it in the opposite direction. There is also an arsenal of weapons that can be shot anywhere. But it’s important to remember that the player has a certain level of health. And if he shoots himself, he may die. However, this does not cause any serious problems – the game simply resets and the user can continue to create. Among the interesting features is also the ability to change the skin of your character – you can choose any personage of the game or even a skeleton. Once the user has chosen the skin they want, they need to try to change its color – the whole color wheel is available to them and they can create their own character. All objects with which the player interacts affect them. If they drop the tower on themselves, it can crush them. This is achieved through realistic game physics. It can be changed as the player wants, it is fully customizable.

New worlds

One can control the game by using the buttons on the keyboard and mouse. The player also has the ability to add living creatures in the game – people, monsters, or their characters. They will even interact with each other. Thus, monsters will attack people and even each other, but will not touch the player. In addition, the game has multiplayer, which allows to play it with other players and create their own unique worlds. One can create own world and one can invite friends or can join an existing world on any server.

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