The game is a sandbox game, which means it allows the player to go beyond the standards. The game has no essence, no plot, and no tasks. The player is not limited in his actions and choices, everything is based on the player’s imagination and personal desires. The player can invent his own goals and tasks and try to achieve them. The beginning of the game is always the same – the player is in a particular location. By default, his arsenal has two guns. The first of them allows you to connect and combine different items together, for example, to staple them to each other. Once connected, they can be added to the location itself and used. Also, this cannon can add additions that the player has created. The second cannon, on the other hand, is based on gravity and allows you to change the location of the object in space. Thus, the player can interact with things on a basic level. For example, you can pick up something or change its parameters – size, weight, shape, and so on.

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In addition to items, characters from many other games can be added to the game. Also, the game, although the base game is free but can pull resources from other games. Thus, for a deeper and better game, you may need additional resources. By adding characters to the game, the player can change their postures, facial expressions, add gestures. The game has a huge number of additions, to understand them may take time. They will allow changing the models of characters and objects, to make them move in some way. Thus, in addition to the video maker, the player can create his own unique content. There are also engines that add realism to the game and provide high-quality physics for the characters’ movements. No less important part of it is the multiplayer mode. This way you can create videos, and photos or just have fun together with other players. Many servers have been created for the game, where users are present in real-time.

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