Johnny Trigger 3D

Who is that fellow carelessly and boldly spinning a pistol in his hand? He looks so perky and he has a right to show off because it’s Johny Trigger! Rumor has it that he is the best shoot in history. But is it really so? In this game you have to get through a series of enemy-filled levels that are actually some sort of puzzles. To make it to the end, you have to eliminate your opponents first. Think how exactly you need to deal with them wasting as few of your bullets as possible!

The purpose of the game

The game’s protagonist is a military man who fights terrorists. The main events of the game will take place in the desert with tons of sand and palm trees. The playing field consists of a multitude of platforms, separated by chasms. Your character will move around on his own. So he can’t fall down into the void, because he will be jumping and running automatically, you do not need to press anything. However, he needs your help to shoot enemies. They will come across your way from time to time and your job is to click and hit them. You have a certain amount of ammo, which will be renewed after use.

The enemies

As mentioned earlier, you will have enemies in the game. They will also shoot at you when they see you and if their projectiles hit you, you will be injured and may even be killed. In this case, you will have to complete the level from the beginning. Enemies usually stand in pairs and you will encounter four enemies in total during your journey. Shoot them first to kill them. There are a total of 20 levels in the game, on each of which you will have to shoot. Be careful not to get killed. To get to the next level, you must pass the previous one and kill all your opponents and emerge victorious.

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