Police Chase Motorbike Driver

When you are on a bike ride, it’s so hard to keep yourself in check and restrain from breaking the traffic rules! The speed is intoxicating and at some moment you stop paying attention to the traffic lights. That’s when you hear sirens behind your back and you know – you’re being chased by a patrol car. Pulling over means paying a huge fine or even going to jail. So why don’t you try and get away from those nagging cops? Hit the gas and rush down the streets of the city with the police breathing down your neck!

Different missions

There are a variety of missions in the game. The best part is that you can complete them either sitting on a motorbike or on two legs. The missions can be completely different. For example, to collect a certain number of items or to catch up with a helicopter that is flying away and so on. For each successful completion of the mission you will receive a cash reward. You can also collect bonuses in the form of a certain amount of money. These are usually located in different parts of the city and are highlighted in green.

Additional functions

When you collect a certain amount of money, you can spend it to buy a new motorbike. There are a total of four different motorbikes in the game, but only the first one is available by default. The other three must be purchased separately. Each motorbike has its own characteristics – one is faster, the other requires less fuel, and so on. The motorbike fuel is not endless and if you run out, you have to go to the nearest petrol station to fill up the bike. Also, remember to check the map from time to time if you feel lost in the city. The map will show you your location and you will be able to find your way out.

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