Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

You find yourself in an abandoned old house full of secrets. At first glance, no one lives here, but that’s a mistake – there’s a sinister, dangerous monster that hunts people. You want to find a quest item – a doll in a box. It’s hidden somewhere in the house. But first, you must find the key to it. You have only 5 days to complete all tasks and survive. A weapon is available to you for self-defense. Additionally, be careful and be very quiet. Hide from the creature in the wardrobes.

Escape from the factory

The game has several modes and in the first, you need to escape from the toy factory. To escape you need to find a doll that is hidden somewhere in the factory. To find the box you need to find a series of clues and items that will lead you to your goal. You also need to hide from the monster who wanders around. As soon as you hear him, hide in wardrobes or under beds. Additionally, try to be as quiet as possible so that the monster won’t hear you. If it doesn’t see you, it will go away. You have a total of five days to find the doll, then you can win the game. But if the monster catches you, it will immediately kill you so you will lose the game.

Shoot them all

The game also has another mode, in which you also have to fight monsters, but the mechanics are completely different. You need to find six video cassettes to help you win the game. There are also two monsters that will hunt you. They still have good hearing and can hear even the slightest rustle. They will immediately move towards you if you make any noise. Your job is to start shooting at them to disarm them. When all six cassettes have been collected, you can get out into the world. But if they will kill you, you will lose the game and die.

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