Siren Head: Sound of Despair

There was a calm summer day when the woman and the man decided to have a picnic. The weather was so good that they fell asleep. A bit after the woman woke up and noticed that her husband disappeared. She tried to find him but has not succeeded in doing so. But she suddenly met. the awful giant with sirens instead of the head. Now she must run away from it and find her husband. Use your mouse and keyboard to control the character. Find the weapon – it will help you. Also, you can hide under the trees.


The game is based on an escape from a monster. You must run away from the monster, as otherwise, you will die. The creature can make sounds, and the sounds are completely different – it can howl like a siren, but it can also make animal noises or imitate human voices. It uses this ability to hunt down those who get lost in the woods. So if you hear any sounds, you need to run away. Don’t believe what you hear, it may be a monster that is now on your trail. If the monster sees you, it will immediately start moving toward you. When it is close enough, it will try to grab you. If it does, it will kill you instantly and eat you. To avoid being eaten, you have to run away from the monster.

A game of hide-and-seek

As said before, you have to run away from the monster. You can hide from it under trees, behind huge boulders or in old, abandoned houses. There you can also find some items that will help you on the island. Additionally, you can weapons here, but it is a very weak way to defend yourself, you wouldn’t be able to use them on the monster, as it’s completely immune to any kind of weapon. However, it will be very useful if you found a gun or a knife. Use your dexterity to stay alive in this place.

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