In this 2D shooter, you will fight enemies using different firearms and your reaction speed. At the start of the quest you can pick up any character – there are 7 heroes in total, but not all are available, some need to be unlocked. Also, there are 7 types of weapons, and some of them you will have to buy with coins. You will get them after successfully completing missions. Also don’t forget to collect daily rewards – coins, crystals, and characters, which you get for free.

Main characters

The game is a survival shooter in which you have to fight off monsters that will constantly try to attack you. In the game the world is overrun by monsters and you have to find a way to survive. There are seven different characters in the game – there is an old warrior, a beautiful girl, an adult man, and many others. Each character has their own abilities and skills. Some know how to shoot a gun, some have better health. Not all characters are available to you at first – you will have to buy some of them.

You also need to choose a weapon for the character. It’s a bit similar in the game. There are seven different guns in total, but only a few are available to you. The rest can be obtained when you collect the appropriate amount of coins. You also get them when you complete missions and complete them successfully.


In the game you need to shoot the enemies that roam around. You will get to one of the locations where you can use weapons. The game has multiplayer, so you can play with other players online. If you hit your opponent, his health level will be reduced. But if he hits you, your health will be reduced and you will have to either look for a first aid kit or run away. If your health drops completely, you lose the game.

Similiar games

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